John Willcock College Information and Communication Technology  Leaders

Each year we have students self-nominate to be ICT Support Leaders at John Willcock College. We usually have one or two representatives from each Form group across the school who apply in response to advertised criteria. These students do not need to know everything Apple Mac, but need to be willing to help others. They take on individual responsibilities assisting others to better use the iPads, the Applications, and assist with management of the fleet.

They are invited to assist with our Year 6 Transition Program, visiting the Primary School they attended in our catchment area, and showcasing the versatility of the equipment.

They also perform a variety of roles in teams across the year with checking, cleaning and trialling of new applications on the iPad, which assists us in determining which applications to add to the machines for the rest of the year, or the new year.

This is a great opportunity for some of our students who have a passion for technologies and a willingness to help others, to add to their experience and their CV.

Some of our past ICT Support Leaders have gone on to a career path in technologies with either hardware or software.

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