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John Willcock College Music Program

As part of the John Willcock College Arts Learning Area, our music students are encouraged and supported in the development of their skills across the many facets of their musical education.

Star Performers

Our music students are encouraged to share their talents with others through performing in class, within other areas of the school and performing to audiences within the broader community.  Our talented musicians learn and develop the skills to perform their music with expression, with accuracy and with confidence.  Students are encouraged to perform solo as well as to perform with others in small and large musical ensembles.

Creative Minds

Students at John Willcock College learn to utilise compositional devices in order to create music for a variety of different purposes.  As well as writing music in the traditional form, our students use some of the latest music software packages to compose music for soundtracks and to create their own musical pieces and songs.  Students are also encouraged to use their musical instruments to improvise and create interesting and original musical melodies.

Visiting Artists

John Willcock College has worked well to create partnerships with local community and music organisations to facilitate the regular occurence of visiting artists and musicians.  Through this, students are given the opportunity to view and participate in workshops and concerts with very experienced and talented musicians.  Our students also give back to the community through sharing their music in  performances at other schools and at festivals within our local community.

Free Music Lessons (and so much more)

In partnership with the School of Instrumental Music (SIM), John Willcock continues to deliver a strong and vibrant instrumental music program.

Our school offers free weekly music lessons with qualified and experienced instrumental music teachers on a variety of instruments.  The musical instruments taught at John Willcock College include lessons on the flute, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, drum-kit, guitar, keyboard and singing.

The selection of students for the SIM program is a very competitive process and is generally conducted early in the school year.  This selection process involves sitting a Musical Aptitude indicator and an assessment of student motivation, commitment and family support.  All students who are selected to learn a musical instrument through John Willcock College are expected to continue lessons on the instrument until year 10, enrol in the specialist music course and participate in a school ensemble.

For further information about the instrumental music program, please contact Alyce Brook at John Willcock College or check out the School of Instrumental Music website