John Willcock Students prepare for Lego League Challenge

Posted on: Monday, 7 November 2016 at 1:41:56 PM

John Willcock College students are using Lego to gain valuable computer coding and life skills.

About twenty students are hoping to compete in the First Lego League Global Challenge.

The Challenge sees students work in teams of up to ten building a Lego robot and Game Board, before completing set challenges. Students learn and refine computer coding to instruct the robot to move around the Game Board manipulating physical objects to complete special tasks, like moving a Lego animal back to its enclosure.

John Willcock College Science Teacher Hollie Roberts said the project is not merely about playing with Lego.

“The students are learning coding, teamwork and working within this year’s theme, which is Animal Allies,” Ms Roberts said.

“It is also about developing strategy, because different tasks attract different amounts of points, so you have to work out if you are going to go for a difficult task or the easier lower point tasks.”

“It is all about robotics precision, you could program really well, but on the day, if you put the robot slightly out of place on the Board, it won’t work.”

The competition has three parts: the Robot Game, a research project with a presentation, and implementing the core values of the First Lego League, which are Celebrating Discovery, Teamwork and Gracious Professionalism.

John Willcock College received a Google grant which included one team set of Lego and the game board. The College has also purchased four more robot sets for the students to practice with. A dedicated maker space has been allocated for students who are spending their lunchtime building and practicing with the robots.

The Perth Regional heat of the international competition will take place in Perth on the 27th of November.

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