Sub School Leader

Alison McCarthy

Teaching Staff 

English Peter Rodier
Humanities and Social Science Colleen Byrne, Lynn Bowron
Science Trixie Kerr


Literacy, Careers and Study


Tasman Hunter

 Ben Gadsby                    

Tiana Purba-Barnard 

Student Councillors

Jordan Petering, Dakota Devlin

Number of Students



Sub-Extension Program (Year 7). 

Students participating in Follow the Dream from Years 7-9.

Year 9 female students in SHINE.

Murchison is the newest sub-school at JWC, classrooms are just two years old and are equipped with air conditioning, projectors, Apple TV, video players and Wifi.


Sub School Leader

Derek Goforth

Teaching Staff 

English Christine Surtees
Humanities and Social Science Tim Collier
Science Aditi Mahajan
Math Shelley Richardson & Derek Goforth

Student Councillors

Hayley Corlett, Xavier Wright

Number of Students


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