The Uniform


Acceptance of enrolment at John Willcock College assumes an agreement that the enrolling student will dress within the guidelines of the dress code, including any negotiated exemptions.

Students whose families may experience financial difficulties regarding the purchase of school wear should contact the relevant Sub-School Leader to discuss the situation. Upon enrolment students who, for religious or health reasons, may wish to modify the College dress code are requested to discuss their needs with the person undertaking the enrolment.  Staff will then be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.

Items of the designated dress code may be purchased from uniform and clothing shops within Geraldton. Second hand uniforms may be purchased, subject to availability, from the P&C Association. Please contact the front office for contact details.

Adherence to the Dress Code will be through the wearing of clothing from those items listed below:

All Students

  • Navy polo shirts with College crest
  • Plain navy blue slacks/pant/shorts/culottes, plain navy or school board shorts/skirt.  Denim is NOT a part of the Dress Code and is not to be worn.  Leggings are also NOT considered appropriate wear for school.
  • Navy College windcheater with College crest
  • Hat recommended when outdoors
  • Religious dress (in school colour)


  • Enclosed shoes as appropriate for Learning Areas.
  • Sport shoes, joggers, sneakers
  • Sandals with back strap
  • Thongs ARE NOT acceptable footwear

Sportswear (Sport/PE Only)

  • Navy Taslon shorts  
  • Plain navy shorts
  • Appropriate sporting shorts, T shirts and shoes
  • Respectable casual clothes - where advised



It is inappropriate for students to wear excessive make-up or jewellery.  Any jewellery worn must comply with the safety requirements of the environment.  We encourage hats and caps to be worn to and from school and in the school grounds, but NOT to be worn indoors (e.g. during class and assemblies).  Hooded windcheaters are available as part of the uniform, but hoods are not to be worn on school grounds.


Other inappropriate items include:

  • Any clothing displaying inappropriate or offensive motifs or text
  • Articles of clothing tied around the person
  • Articles of clothing which are too short or too tight (i.e. immodest)
  • Articles of clothing which identify students with particular groups (e.g. Gangs/sports)
  • Non-College board shorts or beach wear
  • Beanies/bandanas
  • Thongs/backless sneakers
  • Visible coloured undergarments (e.g. T-shirts, bathers, boxer-shorts and bras)


Monitoring College Dress Code

  • Form Teachers check student dress code on a daily basis:  Form teacher records students out of uniform.
  • Student is required to explain ‘inappropriate dress’.
  • Students out of dress code (where no adequate explanation is offered) are to remain in the Sub School during      

        recess and lunch for occupational health and safety reasons

  • Very inappropriate clothing will result in student withdrawal from class and playground until appropriate clothing is supplied
  • Form Teacher/Sub School Leader makes telephone contact with parent/guardian to supply appropriate uniform.
    • Where there are extenuating circumstances, a dress code ‘modification pass’ will be issued for a negotiated period of time.
    • Call to parents/carers to have offending article of clothing replaced.
    • Detention within Sub School during recess/lunch.

Consequences for Non Compliance

Final decision on appropriateness of dress will be made at the discretion of the Sub School Leader/Associate Principal

If you are called, please DO NOT be offended when you are asked to rectify the problem.

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